The Vision and Values shown below were developed by the early members of the community.


We are an urban cohousing community cultivating supportive relationships with each other, the larger community and the Earth.


We find beauty and wisdom in nature's design and seek to emulate it in our village.

We value caring and respectful interactions with members of our village, guests, the surrounding neighborhood, society, all living things, and the Earth.

We approach change and challenges with open-minded rather than dogmatic attitudes.

We have an egalitarian power and decision-making structure.

We make and honor agreements with great care and sincerity.

We balance participation in the village with individual needs, and welcome the opportunities for engagement, fun, and enjoyment the community life brings.

We steward and nurture the land on which we live, its natural and human communities, its productive farm, and its role in the ecosystem around it.

We balance the stewardship of our land with areas for food production, human habitation and recreation, and restoration of the native ecosystem.

We steward personal and community energy and resources responsibly with moderation, innovation, and sharing.

We engage in ecologically and socially sustainable practices to meet our needs.

We actively engage and participate with the surrounding neighborhood, city, and region, in education and work that nurtures and sustains our common society and environment.

We value diversity and invite all who share our vision to explore participation and/or membership in our village.

We strive to continually learn and grow in ways that support our vision and values.