Fruit & nut trees:

  • 11 plum trees
  • 6 pear trees
  • 3 mulberry trees
  • 7 fig trees
  • 8 English walnuts
  • 3 Black walnuts
  • 10 filbert trees
  • 1 shag bark hickory
  • 1 Scandinavian mountain ash (Rowan berry tree)
  • 5 apple trees, 2 Almond trees
  • 5 cherry trees, etc.

Our common facilities are located in different places around the community, like a small village.

The Site

Significant Food Production Potential

The site also has outdoor clothes drying lines, existing ponds, rain water collection and community gathering spaces.

There is a frequent service Tri-Met bus stop at the entry to the project and a second route within a ¼ mile.  The village is close to Concordia New Seasons and the Kennedy School.

There will be at least one secure bike parking slot for each unit


  Original site drawing by Communitecture, Inc. September 2007

Edited drawings by Leitch January, 2009

Drawings by Greenworks May 2008