We are grateful that so many people are interested in living at CEV with us. However we rarely have any units available either for rent or sale. We don't maintain a waiting list but you may join our interest list to receive sporadic notices. Finding a place here takes a combination of timing and luck.

We love giving tours! If you are in Portland and are curious about our community, we give tours the first Saturday of the month at 10 am. RSVP please to 


Some useful questions to ask oneself when considering living in a community such as CEV:

What excites me about living in a cohousing community?
What draws me to live in an ecovillage?
How do I feel about making many major and minor decisions with other people?
How much time do I have beyond my work, family and hobbies?
What would I like to learn while living in cohousing?
What skills, strengths, hobbies and talents would I want to share with others?
What balance between privacy and community is right for me?
What might be the most challenging thing for me in living in this community?


  • An urban multigenerational Cohousing community in NE Portland

  • Like living in the country and the city at the same time. Total 3.73 acres with 37 condominium units in friendly, environmentally conscious, cohousing community.

  • Individual & community garden plots, berries, fruit and nut orchards, chickens and bees, irrigation system and rainwater cisterns, greenhouse, and covered, enclosed bike parking.

  • New community dining hall.

  • 1912 farmhouse contains guest rooms and is used for private and community meals, celebrations, and many other events. Includes freezer space and root cellar.

  • Shared community craft room and laundry room

  • Community meals (optional) several times per week

  • Frequent service Tri-Met route 72 bus stop at the entry to the community and a second route, 75, within a ¼ mile.

  • Close to Concordia New Seasons, Kennedy School, local coffee bars/restaurants/brew pubs and the Hollywood District with its library, theater, post office, and Trader Joe's.